Photogen Inc Blog Episode #6: Las Vegas Part 2!

Here it is!!! The second of three videos from this years trip to WPPI in Las Vegas!

This episode is absolutely price less, because it might be the one and only time you see Judd sing...or. say. anything. :0) Just kidding Judd - you ROCK! Also making his singing debut is Jeffrey from JNP Studios...

This is truly hilarious.

Photogen Inc Blog Episode #6: Viva Las Vegas pt 2 from eliesa on Vimeo.


Film: Red Rock Canyon!

I am LOVING film. No, I'm totally obsessing over film lately! Ever since being gifted my DREAM film Camera (A Mamiya 645), I have been practicing my squeeky-skillz to bring back FILM!

I got back SO many rolls today from the fabulous Richard Photo Lab and instead of boring you with a HUGE post, I'll be posting a few film images a day, over the weekend!

To begin with....

Here are some shots from our shoot in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Canyon!

93250002.JPG93250001.JPG 93290015.JPG 93290014.JPG 93290009.JPG 93290010.JPG 93250004.JPG 93250005.JPG 93250007.JPG 93250008.JPG 93290012.JPG LOVE > FILM !


Vegas: Red Rock Canyon!!

I have wanted to shoot in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas for a while now! So, I figured that this year was the year to make that happen! I also always wanted to shoot at dawn! It was gorgeous! With the sun coming up and the truly golden light - a girl with her camera couldn't go wrong!

It was a long day - models, hair and makeup showed up to the hotel at 3am, but it was TOTALLY worth it! We were also able to experiment with outdoor studio lighting in direct sunlight vs natural ambient light!

Many photographers joined me and it was a fabulous excuse to try out new techniques!

IMG_3636.jpg IMG_3648.jpg IMG_3660.jpg The UBER cool Daniel Chin! IMG_3663.jpg IMG_3677.jpg IMG_3674.jpg IMG_3715.jpg IMG_3733.jpg IMG_3744.jpg IMG_3753.jpg IMG_3766.jpg IMG_3781.jpg IMG_3785.jpg IMG_3818.jpg IMG_3901.jpg IMG_3903.jpg IMG_3924.jpg IMG_3941.jpg

A HUUUUGE thank-you once again to all of the photographers, models and talent who joined me on this shoot! We had an amazing time!!!


WPPI Party Photos!

Well - today is our last day in Las Vegas and I have a TOOOONNNNN of editing to do on some sa-WEEEEEET photos from photo shoots the past couple days!

While we were in town, we had the pleasure of catching up with Jenny and Reed who's wedding B-Funk and I shot this past season!

A little Anti-Workshop Alumni shot...
What is Vegas without the parties? And who else can party better than photographers? Check out my FRIENDS!!!! It was sooo good to see (and meet) you all!!

Jason Domingues of Domingues Photography
Lisa Robbins of Lisa Robbins Photography and Blu Domain
Jeffrey Lawler of JNP Studios
Dalisa Cooper of ALTF
Jennifer Longaway of Jennifer Longaway Photography
Paula Luna of Luna Photo
My new best friend - Sarah and Chris Rhoads
Cesar and Tanya Perez of Perez Photo
And my fabulous new friend Brooke Schwab of Brooke Schwab Photography

This is a crappy photo. However, it pretty much sums up the current state of all of our feet right now - Cadence got the worst of it! OUCH!
Mexico - Here we come! Stay tuned for some yummy, yummy shots from our Vegas shoots!


Vegas: Day 1!

Our first day in Vegas was a ton of fun, yet a whirlwind! I always forget how overwhelming Vegas can be - but SO. COOL!!!

Today we had a full on photoshoot with some FABULOUS photographers...more images from that to come!

Right now, I need a nap! :0)

The boys at BLU...

The UBER fabulous Jason Armond!

I won! I won! One of my competition prints received the highest rating in the 'Awards of Excellence!' - SO. FUCKING. AWESOME!!!

A BIIIIIGGGGG group of us out for dinner!


Our days in Vegas have only begun! More photos to come!



The time has come to make the trek to Las Vegas for WPPI (aka...the annual mecca for photographers around the world!)

This year, we are celebrating a fabulous year by taking the entire Photogen Inc crew out to Vegas! This week is going to be filled with scoping out the new hot products, seeing old friend, meeting new ones, shooting some OH-SO-FABULOUS images and...PARTIES!!!

If YOU will be in Vegas and want to meet up with Photogen Inc or simply see what we are doing: FOLLOW ELIESA'S TWITTER!!!

This week is bound to be BRILLIANT - stay tuned for MANY photos!!!


Oooh - and one last thing! After Vegas, B-FUNK and I are headed down to Mexico for a week to shoot! I will be back in the studio on March 2nd!

If you need anything, please e-mail me at eliesa@photogen-inc.com