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Seattle on Film!

Looking back at these images makes me SO happy! I just got a bunch of film back from my awesome-kick ass-coolest-lab-ever, Richard Photo Lab and it's like Christmas for me! The next few blog posts will be all from my film cameras, but this first post is especially lovely to me. I took a bit of a trip-o-inspiration a few weeks ago to Seattle and I only brought my film cameras. I needed some time along to reflect and re-energize for this coming season and it was exactly what the Dr. ordered!

My friend, Jeffrey, has been in town visiting Minneapolis this week from California and we've had some really awesome conversations about just how important it is to take time for yourself and to recharge, as an artist. It's not only valuable to us, but a service to our clients as well!

Be fresh and Refreshed!

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Happy Monday Everyone!

Unconditional Love!

As Valentines Day approaches, the big L.O.V.E. is on the minds of many! Despite if you celebrate the hallmark holiday or not, we can't deny this time of the year makes us reflect on the love that surrounds us! To me, I see the purest form of love every day from my dogs. Yes, the love me, but more importantly, they love and care for each other and their 'friends'. Yes, my dogs have friends. They have, over time, inherited three stuffed animals that are life-size to them and they looooove these stuffed animals unconditionally! Laugh all you want, it's totally true. They always have to be near by - and if they don't know where they are, they will surely go find them! They bathe them, cuddle them and sleep with them at night - these friends mean absolutely everything to my dogs.

Love is simple.

What is LOVE to you?

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Happy Valentines Day!!


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Half of the fun of shooting a wedding is getting to hang out with my crew! We never know what the weather is going to be like here in Minnesota, so a big part of our job - and a quality I pride myself on the most - is doing an amazing job of working-on-the-fly. Not only does it make creating more enjoyable for me, but I simply have SO much fun with my team on the day of a shoot! Honestly, we are really funny and we seriously...do need a reality show! ;0)

A couple weeks ago, we photographed the McCullough's amazing wedding and here are just a handful of the awesome adventures we had:

1) Melissa surprised us with New Moon candy...I've never read any of the Twilight series, but she is a big fan! Regardless, the sugar was quite nice!

2) It was 9 degrees that day, which meant two things...One, I was wearing Under Armour beneath my clothes and two, we killed the brides flowers by being outside for 20 minutes! (Side note...we absolutely LOVE our clients, because they sacrifice a lot to create amazing images...:0)

3) We forgot our stand, so Brandon was the "Human Light Stand"

4) My crew shows tons of passion during the day...and a little bit of camaraderie as well! This collaboration between artists takes our creativity up 10 notches and I looooove it!

5) Since it's so cold here, I decided to have a glamour-shots moment with a heater...I was nice and toasty!

The point of this post is to show you all that crazy things will always happen on a wedding day and encourage photographers not to get stressed while shooting. Remember to have confidence in your craft...the best photographers can make magic out of the most blah of situations, rock it out and create some amazing images!

btsw0001.JPGbtsw0002.JPG btsw0003.JPG btsw0004.JPG btsw0005.JPG

Here's to shooting in the Midwest and to my kick-ass-crew!


Buy The [Film] Book, Donate to Haiti!

The images are horrifying, that is for sure. The past couple days, I've sat around thinking, What can I do to help these people? Then it dawned on me....duh, Eliesa. You're selling a book.

From now on, all of the proceeds from The [Film] Camera Book are going to help bring food and water to the people in Haiti!

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To purchase your copy of The [Film] Camera Book and make a donation to The Red Cross to support the people of Haiti....Click Here!

Thank you all for your support!


Books, Books and more Books!

The first round of The [Film] Book has SOLD OUT!

We received a HUGE shipment of books today and we're ready to get them in your hands!

If you are interested in purchasing this oh-SO-cool and inspiring coffee table book,

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Get yours before they are gone! ;0)