Unconditional Love!

As Valentines Day approaches, the big L.O.V.E. is on the minds of many! Despite if you celebrate the hallmark holiday or not, we can't deny this time of the year makes us reflect on the love that surrounds us! To me, I see the purest form of love every day from my dogs. Yes, the love me, but more importantly, they love and care for each other and their 'friends'. Yes, my dogs have friends. They have, over time, inherited three stuffed animals that are life-size to them and they looooove these stuffed animals unconditionally! Laugh all you want, it's totally true. They always have to be near by - and if they don't know where they are, they will surely go find them! They bathe them, cuddle them and sleep with them at night - these friends mean absolutely everything to my dogs.

Love is simple.

What is LOVE to you?

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Happy Valentines Day!!


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