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Behind the Scenes: The Nautical Shoot!

Things are coming along! I'm currently in the process of pumping up my portfolio for the launch of the new commercial site this late spring/early fall! We are in the middle of an awesome re-brand, where we will be separating out the commercial & editorial work from Photogen Inc. weddings.

I am super excited about this entire process and it's been incredible to continue the momentum with the business to make it bigger, better and stronger. I have been pushing my limits as an artist as well, trying to figure out and perfect, exactly what I want the new brand to be!

Along the way, I am doing test shoots about every 1-2 months. These are full on production shoots and I must say, I absolutely LOVE to collaboration process. The energy and vibe that goes on during a shoot is amazing and I honestly crave it. There is absolutely nothing better than working with people who are as passionate about their craft as I am about photography...and nothing but hands down, amazing work is created!

Yesterday, we photographed The Nautical shoot. This is a vision I've been dreaming up for some time now and I am SO excited about these images! I've decided, with each of these shoots, to share some behind-the-scenes images, along with a couple teasers. However, I'm going to try my hardest to not show the finished product until the new brand launches! Yes, It's going to be hella-hard for me to do this, but I want to stun you all with a kick ass new brand, new website and new work...trust me, it will be worth the wait!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my amazing crew:

Model: Caroline with Ignite Models, Inc. Hair: Micah of Moxie Salon Makeup: Margo Gordon Styling: Faith Brue Props: Stun Creativ Production: Liz Hardt Assisting: Jeffrey and Jacob

Untitled-1.jpg IMG_3025.jpg IMG_2651.jpg

SO much more to come from this!

The Hills!

There are two things that I absolutely love to be around. The mountains and the ocean. I think that is why I am so obsessed with Vancouver, because it has THE perfect balance of the two beauties! However, considering that Minnesota has a very flat terrain, the ocean and hills of California were a warm welcome to my soul! The Juddster traveled with me to Orange County, where I was the guest speaker at the first-ever JNP Workshop (more details to come in my next post)! We took some time to enjoy the sand, sun, almost 70 degree weather (which felt like a dream!)....and I got to indulge in my all-time-favorite treat, Pinkberry! We also had the opportunity to see some of our fabulous friends...yes, Cali was pretty much bliss!

calitrek0001.JPG calitrek0002.JPG calitrek0003.JPG calitrek0004.JPG calitrek0005.JPG calitrek0006.JPG calitrek0007.JPG calitrek0008.JPG calitrek0009.JPG calitrek0010.JPG calitrek0011.JPG

Here's to Sunshine and Pinkberry!


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Photogen Inc Speaking at JNP WORKSHOP - SIGN UP NOW!!!



I am honored to be guest-speaking at the first ever JNP WORKSHOP!!!

Here are the stats:

When: January 25th, 2010

Where: Santa Ana, CA at the amazing Jason's Downtown Restaurant

Who: YOU (you are really crazy not to sign up, this is going to ROCK!)

Why: The whole point of this workshop is to give back to the photography community be taking your work and business to the next level! We will also be having some fabulous giveaways by our amazing sponsors + live shooting + critique and MIND BLOWING conversations!

For more in-depth details + to SIGN UP, click here!!!!

We want to keep this experience very intimate and personal, so there are only 15 SEATS AVAILABLE!!!! SIGN UP BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!!!!


Did I mention I am EXCITED?!?!?!?!?!? This is going to be THE SHIT!


Photogen Inc Blog Episode #6: Las Vegas Part 2!

Here it is!!! The second of three videos from this years trip to WPPI in Las Vegas!

This episode is absolutely price less, because it might be the one and only time you see Judd sing...or. say. anything. :0) Just kidding Judd - you ROCK! Also making his singing debut is Jeffrey from JNP Studios...

This is truly hilarious.

Photogen Inc Blog Episode #6: Viva Las Vegas pt 2 from eliesa on Vimeo.


Vegas: Red Rock Canyon!!

I have wanted to shoot in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas for a while now! So, I figured that this year was the year to make that happen! I also always wanted to shoot at dawn! It was gorgeous! With the sun coming up and the truly golden light - a girl with her camera couldn't go wrong!

It was a long day - models, hair and makeup showed up to the hotel at 3am, but it was TOTALLY worth it! We were also able to experiment with outdoor studio lighting in direct sunlight vs natural ambient light!

Many photographers joined me and it was a fabulous excuse to try out new techniques!

IMG_3636.jpg IMG_3648.jpg IMG_3660.jpg The UBER cool Daniel Chin! IMG_3663.jpg IMG_3677.jpg IMG_3674.jpg IMG_3715.jpg IMG_3733.jpg IMG_3744.jpg IMG_3753.jpg IMG_3766.jpg IMG_3781.jpg IMG_3785.jpg IMG_3818.jpg IMG_3901.jpg IMG_3903.jpg IMG_3924.jpg IMG_3941.jpg

A HUUUUGE thank-you once again to all of the photographers, models and talent who joined me on this shoot! We had an amazing time!!!