The time has come to make the trek to Las Vegas for WPPI (aka...the annual mecca for photographers around the world!)

This year, we are celebrating a fabulous year by taking the entire Photogen Inc crew out to Vegas! This week is going to be filled with scoping out the new hot products, seeing old friend, meeting new ones, shooting some OH-SO-FABULOUS images and...PARTIES!!!

If YOU will be in Vegas and want to meet up with Photogen Inc or simply see what we are doing: FOLLOW ELIESA'S TWITTER!!!

This week is bound to be BRILLIANT - stay tuned for MANY photos!!!


Oooh - and one last thing! After Vegas, B-FUNK and I are headed down to Mexico for a week to shoot! I will be back in the studio on March 2nd!

If you need anything, please e-mail me at