Milkweed Editions //

The people of Milkweed Editions might just be some of the coolest people you have never known about. I was able to photograph them for the "Best of Twin Cities" issue for MPLS / St Paul Magazine. The company was voted 'Best Bookmaker' and their entire staff was pretty impressive. The more I researched this organization, I discovered that they are a little powerhouse in the literary world. As the writers described. " In a world overrun by teen-vampire books and marginally literate detective novels, Milkweed has flourished by, gasp!, catering to the tastes of people who like to read, who appreciate quality writing, and who have come to trust the press’s carefully curated sensibility of accessible intelligence." If you like to read, most definitely check out this amazing non-profit! Here are a few more of my favorites from our shoot, in addition to the images that ran in the article! MilkweedBlog0001 MilkweedBlog0002 MilkweedBlog0003 MilkweedBlog000421