Mpls / St Paul Magazine // Best of the Twin Cities!

For the December issue of MPLS / St Paul Magazine, the feature story was 'Best of the Twin Cities'. I photographed some people, some places and some very special things for this article and in the coming days I will be sharing a breakdown of these shoots and some of the images that didn't make it in print. In the meantime, I wanted to share the complete layout with you all. Can we take a moment to recognize how awesome this layout is? Those letters? I have SO enjoyed collaborating with the team at MPLS / St Paul Magazine in the past few month, but more specifically, I have been incredibly inspired by the art and design director, Liz Gardner. With each coming issue that comes out, the design and layouts get even more visually interesting. I think it's simply the best to work with people who are forward thinking and push the limits. Liz and her team make me look good on these pages and for that, I thank you!

Dec_Bestof_All_high-1   Dec_Bestof_All_high-6 Dec_Bestof_All_high-5 Dec_Bestof_All_high-4 Dec_Bestof_All_high-3 Dec_Bestof_All_high-2        Dec_Bestof_All_high-7Dec_Bestof_All_high-821