Forrest Wozniak

Forrest Wozniak is the shit. He's a sign painter, he is an artist and he also listens to mixed tapes. He's a badass dude who grew up in South Minneapolis and still lives and works out of his original neighborhood. In a way, Forrest is a bit of a Minneapolis institution. He's a hard worker and a true artist who has created more work around town than one might realize. I didn't know how much I would appreciate Forrest before I walked into his shop to photograph him for MPLS / St Paul Magazine's Best of Issue, where he was named Best Sign Painter in the city. I loved his space, I loved his energy and his message. I also really love these images and wanted to share more with you all! ForrestWozniakBlog0001 ForrestWozniakBlog0002 ForrestWozniakBlog0003 ForrestWozniakBlog0004 ForrestWozniakBlog0005 ForrestWozniakBlog0006 ForrestWozniakBlog0007 ForrestWozniakBlog0008 ForrestWozniakBlog0009 ForrestWozniakBlog0010 ForrestWozniakBlog001121