Margo Gordon


I am beyond happy with this latest test shoot! Testing is all about allowing yourself the freedom to create! I absolutely love film and wanted to go back to the basics. I wanted to create a menswear spread that was clean and authentic, without compromising quality and, of course, style! Erick DeLeon styled the shoot, and I had my heart set on using attire from BlackBlue. I absolutely LOVE this store. The vibe, the selection, the clientele - everything about it is beautiful and I just had to have them be a part of it! Lucky for me, they agreed and some pure magic happened!

This shoot was so refreshing for me, because it was truly so simple! In studio, all natural light, and since we photographed it with film, there wasn't any post production! The process was just about as inspiring to me as the final images!


Photographs: Eliesa Johnson

Attire: BlackBlue

Styling: Erick DeLeon

Talent: Jason of Ignite Models

Hair/Makeup: Margo Gordon

Film Development: Richard Photo Lab

One Step Closer // Personal Photos!

I'm on the CUSP of getting ready to send out my portfolios and begin the official ELIESA campaign! That's right...I said campaign! As far as I am concerned, this is a mission of three things:

1) To get my work in front of new editors/agents/art directors/designers and publications.

2) To network and begin building relationships with potential clients

3) To book some kick ass jobs!

While all of these above things are necessary and exciting, I am a big believer that it all starts with me. I want my potential clients to know me, just as much as they know my work. I want them to WANT me soooo bad, they can't say no! In the commercial world, I have always been taught to 'sell your work' first, but I'm taking a different approach this time around! I'm selling myself, and the idea of working with me, just as much as the amazing work we produce! I want clients to know that they are getting the complete package and that we are going to ROCK whatever concept we are given!

This past week, I had the lovely opportunity to get in front of the camera and update my personal photos with my friend, Collin Hughes. I have always loved Collin's work and it made complete sense for him to photograph me. When choosing a photographer to take images of you, choose wisely! I chose Collin, not because he is such a good friend, but rather because his work and the energy in his work emulates the exact vibe that I want to put out there for my clients. Needless to say, he did an amazing job! Here is a tiny quick preview of some of the images from our shoot!


Photographer - Collin Hughes

Hair + Makeup - Margo Gordon

Styling - Alice Sydow

MOTO HIGH // Test Shoot!

It's done! It's finally done! I am SUPER stoked about how the images from my last test shoot turned out!

The concept was somewhere in between a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign and the Drug, Sex, and Rock-n-Roll attitude! I wanted to have this juxtaposition of a trashy environment, mixed with classy attire. I wanted it fashionable, yet gritty. Polished, yet messy. Refined, yet questionable! I was super lucky to, once again, work with an AMAZING team! A. Michele Boutique let us use their gorgeous pieces to style all of the models! Seriously, this boutique had absolutely everything we needed to pull the shoot together and I really, really appreciate local shops who are willing to collaborate with us on these test shoots! Collaboration is what this is all about!  Now, onto the sexy car...I was coming into the studio a few weeks prior to this shoot and my friend, Betty - who is an amazing jewelry designer, drove by in this beauty of a ride! I literally chased her down and was like...BETTY! I MUST USE YOUR CAR!!! It fit perfectly in the setting and was the perfect pop of color to tie in the whole shoot!


Photography // Eliesa Johnson

Production // Chelsey Paul

Hair // Micah Savage

Makeup // Margo Gordon

Talent // Kristina & Elle – Ignite Models, Ewalt & Siddiqee – Vision Management

Assistants // Jonny Bennett, Louisa Podlich

Post Production // Liz Hardt

Clothing // A Michele Boutique

Car // Betty Jager


The beauty of testing is that anything can happen! While getting ready for the MOTO Shoot, which I know you are all DYING to see and will be released in the very near future, I took some images to simply warm everyone up to the camera! There is something about these images that I am totally digging, so I decided to actually use them for my portfolio!! With every series of images that I put together, I like to compile a story, in editorial form. This series is titled Renegade Romance, for, I think, a pretty obvious reason!


Photography // Eliesa Johnson

Production // Chelsey Paul

Hair // Micah Savage

Makeup // Margo Gordon

Talent // Kristina & Elle - Ignite Models, Ewalt & Siddiqee - Vision Management

Assistants // Jonny Bennett, Louisa Podlich

Post Production // Liz Hardt

Clothing // A Michele Boutique

Moto Test Shoot // Sneak Peek!

Yesterday's test shoot went SOOOOOO well! I've just narrowed the final image picks down and I am THRILLED with the outcome! Now begins the post-production-process, which is going to be a little complicated for us! We are really pushing the limits with this shoot, not only with the lighting and concept, but also in our editing process. My creative vision for this goes far beyond the actual shooting and I'm sooooo excited to dig into this! Obviously, I will show you all the end result, but while I was culling through everything, I came across this image that I fell in love with! The tone of our shoot was quite serious and I absolutely love this photograph, because it shows the tone of our crew and the actual set that day! There's a certain amount of acting that is necessary to make a good model, but these are genuine smiles and I'm so drawn to the energy of this photo!

Below is an image of yours truly, which I also love! Collaboration is KEY to a successful shoot and this totally captures my feelings about everything that is going on right now!

And last, but not least, our oh-so-fabulous crew shot! A SPECIAL thank you to absolutely everyone who helped out with this! I'll talk more about these people when all of the final images are released, but they deserve a little love:

Jonny - Assistant

Louisa - Assistant

Liz - Digital Tech / Post Production

Margo Gordon - Makeup

Micah Savage - Hair

Chelsey Paul - Production

Ewalt & Siddiqee - Vision Management

Elle & Kristina - Ignite Models

A Michele Boutique - The Sweet Clothes

Betty Jager - The Sweet Car

Flashlight Photo Rental - The Sweet Gear