MOTO HIGH // Test Shoot!

It's done! It's finally done! I am SUPER stoked about how the images from my last test shoot turned out!

The concept was somewhere in between a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign and the Drug, Sex, and Rock-n-Roll attitude! I wanted to have this juxtaposition of a trashy environment, mixed with classy attire. I wanted it fashionable, yet gritty. Polished, yet messy. Refined, yet questionable! I was super lucky to, once again, work with an AMAZING team! A. Michele Boutique let us use their gorgeous pieces to style all of the models! Seriously, this boutique had absolutely everything we needed to pull the shoot together and I really, really appreciate local shops who are willing to collaborate with us on these test shoots! Collaboration is what this is all about!  Now, onto the sexy car...I was coming into the studio a few weeks prior to this shoot and my friend, Betty - who is an amazing jewelry designer, drove by in this beauty of a ride! I literally chased her down and was like...BETTY! I MUST USE YOUR CAR!!! It fit perfectly in the setting and was the perfect pop of color to tie in the whole shoot!


Photography // Eliesa Johnson

Production // Chelsey Paul

Hair // Micah Savage

Makeup // Margo Gordon

Talent // Kristina & Elle – Ignite Models, Ewalt & Siddiqee – Vision Management

Assistants // Jonny Bennett, Louisa Podlich

Post Production // Liz Hardt

Clothing // A Michele Boutique

Car // Betty Jager