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The Salty Tart //


Salty Tart has released a new website and I am so happy to have been a part of this project! I have admired Chef Gayer for a long time - her energy, her hustle, and her amazing baked goods, so being asked to photograph new images for her was a dream. 

We wanted to bring a light and fresh look to her bakery and also a subtlety to the images - we wanted her gorgeous baked goods to speak for themselves. Everything that Michelle and her team make is rustic, free form, from scratch - and down right beautiful. We collaborated with Liz Gardner from Bodega LTD. on the styling for this shoot and came up with a series of images that are just so damn pretty. We also spent time at the bakery of Salty Tart and caught some of the real moments of their team working. 

Behind the Scenes // 

Urban Bean Coffee //

I have really enjoyed the continued work of creating imagery for Urban Bean Coffee. The content spreads across their website, blog, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram and twitter accounts! Here are some of my favorite shots from the past few months. UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0001 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0002 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0003 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0004 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0005 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0006 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0007 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0008 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0009 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0010 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0011 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0012 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0013


Client // Urban Bean Coffee

Art Direction // Liz Gardner

Photographer // Eliesa Johnson

Talent // Lily Harris

Bodega ltd.