Josef Harris

Urban Bean Coffee //

I have really enjoyed the continued work of creating imagery for Urban Bean Coffee. The content spreads across their website, blog, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram and twitter accounts! Here are some of my favorite shots from the past few months. UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0001 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0002 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0003 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0004 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0005 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0006 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0007 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0008 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0009 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0010 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0011 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0012 UrbanBean_EliesaJohnson_0013


Client // Urban Bean Coffee

Art Direction // Liz Gardner

Photographer // Eliesa Johnson

Talent // Lily Harris

Bodega ltd.