Dessa // A Pound of Steam

Dessa is a badass. She's the lady in town that every dude has a crush on and every girl does too. She's just one of those people that is that cool. In October, Dessa released her first book called  A Pound of Steam, published by the folks at Rain Taxi. We all know that Dessa can write. Her lyrics are some of the most brilliant I've read, so to venture into the world of poetry seems to be a natural transition for her. I was lucky enough to photograph Dessa for MPLS / St Paul Magazine and wanted to share a few more portraits than what ran in the issue. What I learned about Dessa in our short time together is that she is equal parts vulnerable and confident, outspoken and sweet, yet approachable. She is a talented beauty and voice that we are are so lucky to have here in our city.  And yes, she is that cool. Check out A Pound of Steam, Tour Dates and the full article with Dessa here! DESSA_EliesaJohnson_0001 DESSA_EliesaJohnson_0002 DESSA_EliesaJohnson_0003 DESSA_EliesaJohnson_0004 DESSA_EliesaJohnson_0005 DESSA_EliesaJohnson_0006 DESSA_EliesaJohnson_00072