The Bloodmark Saga//

I met this woman named Aurora years ago. I first knew her as a graphic designer and she is the brain-power behind all of my branding! I've gotten to know her over the years and just adore her! She is a woman of many talents and she can now add the title of Author to her list! Her first novel, called Bloodmark  just hit the bookshelves and I was honored when she asked me to photograph her head shots, specifically for her new book + promotion. The book is a young-adult-fiction novel and is described as such

"Bloodmark is the classic tale of love and good verses evil with the juxtaposition of an ancient Celtic culture of werewolves and present day. This story features a strong heroine—no damsel in distress—who must fight for the freedom of love. Bloodmark is the first of the Bloodmark Saga trilogy. Readers of young adult and paranormal romance novels, like Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, and The Hunger Games will devour Bloodmark."

To match this vibe for the book, I decided to take Aurora into the woods. A studio just wouldn't fit this description. We needed some movement, some energy and a space that eluded freedom and mystery. Here are a few of my favorites from my time with Aurora. Her book is carried in Barnes and Noble  and available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.  If you are interested, you can check out the Bloodmark Facebook and  Twitter for more information!