The [Film] Book!!


I am SUPER excited to share with you all the launch of my first book!!

It's been on my goal list for a while now to create a coffee table book and it really started out as a personal project for myself. I am a huge believer in creating something with your images. When we live in an age of computers and iphones, every image seems to stay on a machine. I love prints, canvas, albums and - alas - books!  As I started talking about this project, I started noticing an interesting response...people actually wanted to see it!

The [Film] Book
features images from my film cameras over the last year. You all know how passionate I am about film, so this is very special to me! I also wanted to share my thoughts in the book so I chose to do so through quotes. I'm a big quote-girl, if you couldn't tell, and I thought there was no better way to inspire than to use references that you can take with you on a daily basis!

So, without further adieu...

I present to you...

The [Film] Book

filmbookblg0001.JPGfilmbookblg0002.JPG filmbookblg0003.JPG filmbookblg0004.JPG filmbookblg0005.JPG filmbookblg0006.JPG

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The [Film] Book, click here to go to the Photogen Inc Store!