Film: Grandma!

A few weeks ago, an incredibly awesome person lent me a film camera, that is absolutely amazing by the way, and I totally became re-inspired to photograph some things on 'my list'. I also inspired some spontaneous shoots too! Film photos fire me up because of their authenticity. It is SO real and lovely and it constantly reminds me of why I am a photographer.

The imperfection is what makes it beautiful to me.

I've been meaning to photograph my 90 year old grandmother for a long time. 90 years old. What does that look like? 90 years old. What do you do? 90 years old. What makes you happy?

I can say that at 90 years old, Grandma, as she is known to everyone, is quite the woman. Her favorite past time is entertaining, chatting and playing board games. Taking her photograph was so much fun, because it was definitely the highlight of her day, but it was more than that. It was an opportunity to really document an amazing woman.

01480014.JPG01480010.JPG 01480016.JPG 01480020.JPG 01480021.JPG