Who Inspires You? VOTE NOW!

It has continuously been my goal to inspire people. It started with my camera and creating images that would effect people. Then it moved on to mentoring my crew and spread onto the photography industry.

On a daily basis, I get e-mails, comments, Tweets and Facebook postings asking me questions or leaving the nicest notes of encouragement and thank-you's. It's quite a humbling experience, actually, to think that not only have my images made an impact on my clients, but my words and thoughts have also changed people's lives. I truly have THE greatest job ever!

I saw this posting on Rangefinder's Website for a contest they are hosting for Unsung Heroes. They are currently accepting nominations for the search of 5 Photographers across the country who have made an impact and inspired the people around them!

Now, of course I am ultimately and shamelessly asking for your nomination! (I know, who does that?) It is on my to-do-list in the next 5 years to be published in this industry magazine anyways, BUT, this is a perfect opportunity!

However, with that said, I think it is a fantastic opportunity for all and I hope that you take the time to nominate THE photographer who inspires you!

 To nominate your HERO, click HERE!

FH010006.jpg FH010003.jpg Untitled-1.jpg

For all of you who will take the time to send in your nominations, THANK YOU!