Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Abbie: An Impromtu Portrait!

World - meet Abbie! She is my SUPER cool, bad-ass-hair-color-tech-friend from Vancouver! Well, actually, she's an Aussie, but now chills out on the west coast of Canada!

I met Abbie a couple years ago through Brock and she has been a fabulous friend! While I was in Vancouver this past month, we did a bit of an impromptu photo session - I LOVE the way these turned out!

abbs0009.JPGabbs0010.JPG abbs0011.JPG abbs0012.JPG abbs0013.JPG abbs0014.JPG



Guest Assistant: B-ROCK!

While in Vancouver, I asked Brock if he would be a guest assistant for me at the amazing Belsey Wedding! I met Brock, officially, through some friends of friends, but it wasn't until after shooting his brother's wedding that we truly became photo-nerd-friends!

Brock has been a great friend to us here at Photogen Inc and we want to wish him the best on his new adventure! 2 days after shooting this wedding, Brock boarded a plane to Australia to follow his long-time-love who is attending med school in Aussie! Yes, it is a big, bold move, but I am SO happy that they are embarking on this amazing journey!

B-ROCK you ROCK! Thanks for being a RAD assistant! 

brockblg0001.JPGbrockblg0002.JPG brockblg0003.JPG brockblg0004.JPG brockblg0005.JPG

Have an AMAZING time down under mate!