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The Day That Collin Stopped By...

A few months ago, I kept hearing this chatter about a dude named Collin. My awesome friends/fellow photographers/kick-ass videographer kept raving about him and his work! I checked out his website and was blown away! We had dinner, he picked my brain, and the rest is history, we are instant friends! Collin is the perfect example of a person who absolutely loves what they do and is having a TON of fun doing it! He has a passion for photography, not just weddings (though he rocks those out like no ones business), but many other areas as well! I absolutely love meeting new, amazing talent in the MPLS and I couldn't be happier to have this guy around!

Collin stopped by to visit us in the studio today to catch up! We also played with his super-yummy 35mm 1.4 lens, which I am dyyyyyyyyyying to get!

Make sure to check out Collin's Website and Blog!

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Happy Monday Everyone!


Thoughts on my AMAZING Team!

Our philosophy is to have as much fun as possible!

For the last few years, team Photogen Inc has been a core of Brandon, Cadence and myself! As the company grows, we have DOUBLED in size! (Crazy, I know!) I am super happy and excited about all of the fabulous new photographers we have joining the crew for the 2010 season and on!

Each wedding we photograph is a true collaboration between artists. Yes, I'm the boss lady, yes I am the leader, but SO many cool images come from my 2nd shooters. I am so proud of everything everyone has brought to the table and the elements they contribute to the team as a whole.

Many people ask me, " How do you find people to work for you? How do you handle people leaving and going off on their own?"

The answers are simple. Find people who you jive with. People who lift you up and inspire you and you see passion in. Personally, I choose to spend a lot of time and effort into training my team, critique, etc. so we are all on the same page when it comes to shooting. We hang out a lot outside of the studio and are truly great friends. These are also people who I can be brutally honest with. Sometimes being 'the boss' is very hard. Lines are crossed between business and friendships sometimes, but everyone has the understanding that the two are separate, which makes it a whole lot easier! 

I also think that it is a very natural progression for assistants to grow and go out on their own and that we should embrace these changes and not be scared of them. Every artist has come to the point in their career where they know they are ready for another step. I've been there and you have been there. In the last year, Brandon has launched his own company, Rivets and Roses and Cadence just launched her new website and blog today! As my assistants are moving on, I brought in the new kids, Melissa, Tom and Ryan to take their roll as assistants, so B and C can focus on being leaders.

At the end of this last wedding, Cadence said, " Awe, guys! This might be the LAST time we all ever shoot together! We are all going to be so busy next year!"  The statement is true in that we are all going to be very busy. However, we will most definitely shoot together and collaborate in the future! We are a team...the DREAM TEAM...and we are unstoppable!

I am truly very blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people! They are my best friends and we are truly a family. I mean, shit, I get to WORK with these people EVERY DAY!!! How lucky am I?!?!?!


Special thanks to our friends at The Traveling Photo Booth for these photos!