The Day That Collin Stopped By...

A few months ago, I kept hearing this chatter about a dude named Collin. My awesome friends/fellow photographers/kick-ass videographer kept raving about him and his work! I checked out his website and was blown away! We had dinner, he picked my brain, and the rest is history, we are instant friends! Collin is the perfect example of a person who absolutely loves what they do and is having a TON of fun doing it! He has a passion for photography, not just weddings (though he rocks those out like no ones business), but many other areas as well! I absolutely love meeting new, amazing talent in the MPLS and I couldn't be happier to have this guy around!

Collin stopped by to visit us in the studio today to catch up! We also played with his super-yummy 35mm 1.4 lens, which I am dyyyyyyyyyying to get!

Make sure to check out Collin's Website and Blog!

collinblog0001.JPGcollinblog0002.JPG collinblog0003.JPG collinblog0004.JPG collinblog0005.JPG

Happy Monday Everyone!