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LOVEe Consults: PhotoJessic!

This past week, I sat down with the lovely Jessica of PhotoJessic for her LOVEe Consult! As artists, we talk a lot about our Personal Style. This also comes with many questions: What is my personal style? How do I find it? What if it changes, is that ok? There's no doubt about it, finding your personal style is a process, but it must not be forced. Jessica and I talked a lot about how there is a big trend in the photography industry right now with the Vintage theme. Soft colors, leaning towards warmth and romance are everywhere. Jessica's major question was, "I don't want to be like anyone else, I don't want to be trendy, but I really, truly, love the vintage do I stay original?"

The thing that Jessica didn't realize is that she has her personal style nailed down. When you walk into her studio space, the light is soft, her building is old, and she even has a vintage clock. Her favorite colors surround her and even the way she dresses is just soft and pretty. She exudes everything that is soft, pretty and vintage. Her images reflect her personal style, which is key.

Defining what your personal style is should be natural, because it comes from YOU and everything you are about. It is derived from your personal experiences, the kind of music you like, and everything you are attracted to in this world. Above all, by staying true to yourself, your images will be of things you are passionate about and ultimately they will be executed in a way that no one else can, because it is YOU. Your style will evolve, just as you change as life goes on, but there will always be core elements that will be timeless. Embracing the process of change will lead you to finding - and then realizing- what makes your images yours.

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To learn more about LOVEe Consults and to schedule yours today, CLICK HERE! jnewlovee00010154.JPG

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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LOVEe Consults Presents: MINNE-SHOPS!



I am SUPER excited to announce the first-ever MINNe-SHOP!!

2010 is all about giving back and educating photographers all across the country and also right here in the MPLS!

The MINNe-SHOP is an afternoon for Minneapolis photographers to get together and really learn about a specific part of photography.

The first topic will be all about creating amazing images using the Tilt Shift lens! This has become a big trend in the industry all around - and with any trend, there are good and bad ways to use this tool. My goal is to pump up the volume and really help photographers feel comfortable using this amazing piece of equipment!


Tilt Shift Talk Live Shooting / Practice with T/S lenses Group Critique of Images

We will be renting T/S lenses for the attendees to try out and practice your mad-skills! Food and Beverages will also be provided throughout the day!



How much does it cost?

$125/person and this includes the class time, lens rentals and food!

What will I learn from this MINNe-SHOP?

This first-ever MINNe-SHOP will be focusing directly on Tilt Shift Photography. We will cover everything from the technical reasoning behind the lens to how to use it to create an EPIC image!

Will I actually be able to use a T/S lens?

Yep! We will be renting T/S lenses for both Canon and Nikon Cameras. If you have your own, absolutely bring it along! We will also be having real couples as your subjects to practice on!

Will the group critique be scary?

No, no, no. Group critiques are meant to help you grow as a photographer! No one is going to beat you down to the ground, this is all about encouragement! I am a big believer in fact, I think it is essential!

What is the difference between a LOVEe Consult and a MINNe-SHOP?

LOVEe Consults are one-on-one, 8 hour mentor sessions. During these days, we cover anything and everything about your photography business. MINNe-SHOPS are mini-workshops designed for groups and we will only cover a specific topic during the afternoon.

Will there be future MINNe-SHOPS?

Absolutely! Do you have a topic you want covered? E-mail your ideas to me:


I'm Sooooooo excited!


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LOVEe Consult : Emily Steffen!

I absolutely love my job. Sometimes I can't believe that my work is to create, inspire and empower people! And then I realize, yes, Eliesa, this is your work, but it is also deeper than that - it is my purpose. This past fall, I launched LOVEe Consults, which is my one-on-one mentor session for photographers (or any small business owner for that matter), and I am simply smitten with these days! Yes, they are all about learning, but again - it's deeper than that. They are more about having conversations, exploring our deepest secrets and dreams and developing a plan to create the best life possible for us! Just as much as I teach the photographers who sign up, they teach me so much more!

This past week, I had a LOVEe Consult with the lovely Emily Steffen. I absolutely love this girl! One of the best things I adore about Emily is the fact that she gathers inspiration from SO much more than images. Many times we talk about looking at magazines, ad campaigns, labels, websites, branding, etc. to be inspired, but in Emily's case, she doesn't seek inspiration through any of those visual aesthetics. Instead, she is majorly inspired by crafting, knitting, sewing, gardening, baking and simply loving. I realized in our conversations that sometimes, as working artists, we forget to be creative in the sense of creating. Maybe that statement doesn't make sense. It is SO important to have other outlets of creativity besides just taking photographs (or painting, drawing, etc - whatever your art might be that you get paid for!) I realized I really haven't had another source as a creative outlet for quite some time, and I am empowered to do so!

The essence of who you are and what you love  = happiness.

Another awesome conversation we had was about how stinkin' far behind the Midwest appears sometimes. We are, in fact, not far behind in Minneapolis, but sometimes people's mentalities are when searching for a wedding photographer and how we need to educate our clients on our shooting styles. We talked about how funny it is when (usually the older generation) make comments about your photos, such as, "Oh, isn't that nice." or "Yes, these are sure...different." Emily put it into the perfect quote, " In our state, when people call your photos 'different', that is Minnesotan for 'suck'!" The fabulous part about this statement is that when you do find your perfect clients - the words/feelings/comments about suckage will absolutely never be an issue - ever again! I am also a firm believer that there is some KILLER talent pumping out of the Midwest now that is truly remarkable - and I am SUPER stoked for this revolution!

IMG_7417.jpg IMG_7419blg.jpg IMG_7424blg.jpg

There is no doubt in my mind that Emily is going to do some really amazing things in her life! In her own words, her goal is...

"To share the love and effect the world in a way that I can to make an impact. I want my life the be simple and I want to live my life to simply inspire people."


My consultations are more than a how-to-be-an-amazing-photographer, they are truly meant to be life-changing. If you are interested in more information about a LOVEe Consult, click here!

If you are READY for THIS, e-mail me:

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Cheers to 2010!

2009 has been an amazing year! Photogen Inc was busier than ever and I feel like I accomplished so much! We photographed some amazing weddings, knocked out some crazy cool editorial spreads and even got a new look! Brandon also spread his wings with Rivets and Roses and we added Melissa, Tom and Ryan to the Photogen Inc. family!

I feel like we have accomplished SO much, yet we are just beginning! There are SO many big things that I have in store and want to do that I also feel like I haven't even made a dent in my goal list! This year, I made my resolutions on my birthday instead of waiting until new years! I've already crossed some things off of that list and I am feeling better than ever about where this next year is going!

With that said, my ultimate goal for 2010 is to give back. I've discovered that I have developed a real desire and passion to reach out and help other photographers and business owners! I absolutely love meeting and inspiring artists who want to take their work to the next level, so they can truly live the lifestyle they always wanted. It's much more than being a good technical shooter, editing techniques and having a fancy blog. It's ultimately more about you. I am thrilled to be guest speaking at the first-ever JNP Workshop at the end of January and I can't wait to bring the ROCK! (There are only a few spots left!) I also launched LOVEe Consults a month ago and so far it has received QUITE a big response! I am super excited to make this official and begin spreading the love!

This post isn't meant to be like, "Hey! Sign up for my one-on-one consults", but rather to push the blog reader who has been waiting to take the plunge! I read a quote in a book I'm currently reading that hits home: True vision leads to commitment rather than compliance, confidence rather than caution. 

My challenge to all of you out there who have been making excuses, playing it safe and 'waiting for the right time' to make your dream come true is to STOP waiting. With this mentality, there is never going to be a perfect time. I challenge you to take the plunge - or even the little baby steps - to make your dreams come true. I GUARANTEE you that once you commit to those decisions, you will feel safe, determine and driven to make those visions a reality. Failure is not an option. You will succeed.

So, do it. Make yourself feel uncomfortable and you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible! It's not only the beginning of the new year, but also a new decade....there is no better time than NOW to live your dreams!


If you are thinking about signing up for a LOVEe Consult, visit this page for more information!

If you are REALLY serious about living your dream, click here to download the FULL LOVEe CONSULTS PDF!

And if you are READY to take everything to the next level, e-mail me to sign up!

Please join me in a CHEERS to 2010!

Happy New Year!


LOVEE Consults!!!



I am SO excited to officially launch LOVEe Consults!!

This is something that I have wanted to offer other photographers for a while now and I could not be more pumped about how this is coming together! 2010 is the year to give back! I have been truly blessed in this industry and I want to share the LOVE!

LOVEe Consults is an intensive, one-on-one day for photographers who want to learn how to take their business to the next level! Experience level does not matter one bit - whether you just picked up a camera or you've been doing this for a while and need a breath of fresh air, I am totally your girl!

In a LOVEe Consult, we cover the following topics:

The Artist
Intense Critique
Goal Setting
Equipment and Shooting Techniques
Open Q&A

My goal is to totally fire you up and challenge you to be the best photographer, business owner and person you can be! I'll also leave you with tools to continue your journey along the way!!

For more information, CLICK HERE to download a PDF of all of the lovey little details!

If you are READY for your LOVEe Consult, e-mail me at