Juut Salon

Joynoelle: Campaign + Show Info!

Fashion week is upon us in Minneapolis!

About a month ago, I photographed Joynoelle's campaign for her new line.

You can all see the first collection we did here!

I absolutely LOVE Joy's clothes. She makes beautiful couture ready to wear and custom dresses + bridal wear and it is always stunning!

Speaking of...Joy's fall fashion show is happening on October 1st!

You have 1 WEEK to BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!!

The event is not one to be missed! In fact, there will be an extra special surprise being shown if you attend that I have been scheming for months!

A special thanks to:

Janell Geason - Makeup
Juut - Hair

All of the lovely assistants that helped!

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Here is a photo from our fabulous team! Not everyone is pictured here, but a great shoot doesn't happen without an amazing crew, so THANK YOU ALL!