Live the Fancy Life Feature: Part II !!!

Part II of my oh-so-FABULOUS interview is up on Live the Fancy Life!

This blog is one of the hottest things to hit Minneapolis in a while and I am SO excited to be a part of it!

In case you missed Part I of the interview, you can check it out HERE!


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a VERY FANCY weekend!


Capture Studios!

One of the BEST things about my job is raving about the people I love to work with! I think anyone who has come in contact with Matt from Capture Studios has nothing but amazing things to say, both about him as a person + an amazing artist!

Matt makes some A-Freaking-MAZING videos and I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with him often! Below is a video from the Faleel wedding a few weeks ago! It is so fun having a friend on set with you during a wedding, because there is a true artist collaboration going on! Be sure to check out to videos below + The Capture Blog!

JAMAL + JESSICA // Minneapolis, MN from capture studios on Vimeo.

Here is a video that Matt also did as a promo video for Joynoelle!

JOYNOELLE PROJECT from capture studios on Vimeo.



Joynoelle Fashion Show!

Last night was the big Minneapolis show for Joynoelle's new collection! The event took place downtown at Gallery 13 and there couldn't have been a more posh crowd in the city!

Photogen Inc was a proud sponsor of the show and we have been working hard the last few months with the designer to shoot her new ad campaign. We also collaborated with the A-MAZING Matt Brue of Capture Studios to create the amazing promo video below!

Juut did an amazing job on the hair + makeup, along with Flora Bella for the fabulous arrangements and Nelle for the lovely handbags. Penny of Penny Larson Jewelry dressed the models in her oh-so-stunning jewelry too! Dancers from the Minnesota Shubert Performing Art Center gave an incredible performance and Crispin and Cocoa & Fig for the yummy treats!

JOYNOELLE PROJECT from capture studios on Vimeo.

joyfallblg0001.JPG joyfallblg0002.JPG joyfallblg0003.JPG joyfallblg0004.JPG joyfallblg0005.JPG joyfallblg0006.JPG joyfallblg0007.JPG joyfallblg0008.JPG joyfallblg0009.JPG joyfallblg0010.JPG joyfallblg0011.JPG joyfallblg0012.JPG joyfallblg0013.JPG joyfallblg0014.JPG joyfallblg0015.JPG joyfallblg0016.JPG joyfallblg0017.JPG joyfallblg0018.JPG joyfallblg0019.JPG joyfallblg0020.JPG joyfallblg0021.JPG joyfallblg0022.JPG joyfallblg0023.JPG joyfallblg0024.JPG joyfallblg0025.JPG joyfallblg0026.JPG joyfallblg0027.JPG

Congratulations to Joy on her new collection!


Joynoelle: Campaign + Show Info!

Fashion week is upon us in Minneapolis!

About a month ago, I photographed Joynoelle's campaign for her new line.

You can all see the first collection we did here!

I absolutely LOVE Joy's clothes. She makes beautiful couture ready to wear and custom dresses + bridal wear and it is always stunning!

Speaking of...Joy's fall fashion show is happening on October 1st!

You have 1 WEEK to BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!!

The event is not one to be missed! In fact, there will be an extra special surprise being shown if you attend that I have been scheming for months!

A special thanks to:

Janell Geason - Makeup
Juut - Hair

All of the lovely assistants that helped!

IMG_0725 copy.JPGIMG_0936 copy.JPG IMG_1063 copy copy.JPG IMG_1199 copy.JPG IMG_1401 copy.JPG IMG_1463 copy.JPG IMG_1632 copy.JPG IMG_1677 copy.JPG

Here is a photo from our fabulous team! Not everyone is pictured here, but a great shoot doesn't happen without an amazing crew, so THANK YOU ALL!



Joynoelle Ad Campaign!

Haut Couture. Those are the first words that come to mind when describing the A-MAZING designs by Joynoelle! I first met Joy last year while shooting her fashion show with Monique Lhuillier and we we hit it off right away! I was ecstatic when she asked me to shoot her new ad campaign - and I couldn't be happier with how these turned out!


And YES! This is the fabulous Christian who I also used as my model for FFN 3! Can you believe that this shoot was her FIRST time modeling? I LOVE finding hidden gems!









If you are a bride, seriously check out getting a custom couture dress by Joynoelle! They are just FABULOUS! Also check her out If you want a kick ass coat or custom dress or hat or purse or....the list goes on and on!