Thousand Hills Cattle Company //

This past fall, I was commissioned to photograph a story for Minneapolis / St Paul Magazine, about the Minnesota company, Thousand Hills Cattle Company. Like many of you, it's important for me to choose my food wisely and I've always been a fan of grass fed beef, but I also never really thought about it. It was a fascinating project for me to work on and I really enjoyed my time on the Thousand Hills farm. Todd Churchill, the owner of Thousand Hills is a family man, an incredibly knowledgeable farmer and above all, a respected business man. Beyond how refreshing it was for me to spend a day on a farm, I also learned so much from our small talk together. Churchill's business is one of the fastest growing beef companies in the country. Some of these portraits are amongst my favorite that were taken last year. You can still read the entire story, cleverly entitled, "What Would Jesus Grill?" online at ThousandHillsCattleBlog0001 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0002 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0003 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0004 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0005 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0006 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0007 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0008 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0009 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0010 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0011 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0012 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0013 ThousandHillsCattleBlog0014 ThousandHillsCattleBlog001521