Dogwood Coffee // Stephanie Ratanas

Stephanie Ratanas says it best on her profile for Dogwood Coffee. She is 'concerned with all things coffee'. It's clear after meeting her for just a few moments that the entire process of creating a cup of coffee is her passion. Stephanie is quiet, soft spoken, but a powerhouse behind the scenes of this roaster. For Urban Bean's new blog, called I ♥ MPLS, I was invited to go into the offices of Dogwood, where they roast & package their product, as well as work and train their staff. Dogwood is SUCH a cool company and I've always enjoyed every single person that I've met who's associated with this brand. For this Friday, I thought you might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes imagery of what goes in to making Dogwood so brilliant. You can also check out the full interview with Stephanie on the I ♥ MPLS blog!

DogWoodCoffee0010DogWoodCoffee0001 DogWoodCoffee0002 DogWoodCoffee0003 DogWoodCoffee0004 DogWoodCoffee0005 DogWoodCoffee0006 DogWoodCoffee0007 DogWoodCoffee0008 DogWoodCoffee0009