Twin Cities Business Magazine // Train Feature

I love getting back to my documentary roots as a photographer and going on assignment. I've had a few gigs now with Twin Cities Business Magazine and this last story I photographed was awesome and I absolutely loved every last minute of it! The story brought me all the way out to Glencoe, MN to photograph the men on the railroad. My favorite subject was a man named Kenny. This is the only job he has ever had in his entire life and the quiet pride he has for this job is very telling when you meet him. Sometimes, we dream about 'making it' and 'following our passion' and it always seems to be doing something big and ambitious. For Kenny, his passion lies on this railroad, in this community and it's simple. Here are some out-takes that didn't make the spread, enjoy! TrainBlog0001 TrainBlog0002 TrainBlog0003 TrainBlog0004 TrainBlog0005 TrainBlog0006 TrainBlog0007 TrainBlog0008 TrainBlog00092