SHERWIN // A Documentary

Almost 2 years ago, a man walked into my studio who totally inspired me. Then his wife walked in and I was totally blown away by this couple. His name is Sherwin and he is the epitome of an entertainer. The man dresses to the nines - we're talkin' old-school-southern-country-meets-rock-and-roll style. His music has influences from Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and the man was even friends with Jonny Cash! His wife's name is Pam and she is a classic southern belle. This woman has impeccable style, both in person and on the stage.   Needless to say, I was totally hooked on these two. They weren't in my demographic or on my radar for the music scene, but there was just something about them that was SO interesting to me. I knew I wanted to document a little bit of their life and they graciously invited me along to a gig they had here in Minnesota. It was quite fascinating. Sherwin has quite the following across the Midwest and Texas - and the man knows how to put on a show. People love him. His fans represent America. They love the energy and passion that he and Pam, who also joins him on stage, share with their followers.

Sherwin Linton has something very special and I wanted to share that with people. I felt it was appropriate to document him on film and I'm so happy I did!