Ceci Style // Art Deco

Every Tuesday, Ceci New York comes out with an online editorial called Ceci Style. I've blogged about these installments quite a bit, but I just had to share the latest cover I photographed with you all!

Ceci is a stunning woman, no doubt about it, but these covers go way beyond just making her look good. All of Ceci's covers revolve around an invitation she has designed for a client, the client's event and all of the inspiration that was pulled to create a piece of art. My job is to interpret the mood of this concept, using the correct lighting, direction and posing for our beautiful subject. When we shoot the covers for Ceci, we are always on location in NYC, so time is very valuable to the entire team! We all love working together, and want to make the most of the time we have. Therefore, we always end up photographing 4-5 looks in one day. Tons of work, but so much fun!

I just love the way this week's cover turned out! The theme is Art Deco and I chose to use, what I call, a 'Bad Flash' technique, which is basically blasting the subject with direct flash. It's tricky and very simple all at the same time, and I love the contrast that was brought out in this image. Everything about it is great! You can see the complete feature on the Ceci Style website!

Of course, many people helped us create this image, so I would love to thank them all!


Photographer: Eliesa Johnson

Assistant: Allan Zepeda

Post Processing: Liz Hardt

Hair: Danielle Nelson

Makeup: Jaclyn Accetta

Wardrobe: Angelo Lambrou

Hair Accessory: Leah C. Couture Millinery

Jewelry: Tejani Jewelry