The November issue of Metro Magazine is on the news stands, and I'm super pumped to share this feature with you! A huge part of the editorial work that I photograph is environmental portraits and I absolutely LOVE to do this! I've always connected with people and I've always been intrigued with people, so this was the perfect assignment for me! Minneapolis is unique, because we have a skyway system, which many cities do not have. Obviously, it's only because it is so damn cold in the winter, we all need a way of getting around still, but it was SO interesting to actually spend time documenting the life of this place. It's a maze, and almost a little city of it's own. There's even a huge difference in the skyway culture between Minneapolis & St Paul's downtown areas. It was a fascinating piece and I met so many cool people along the way! This article incorporates some awesome straight-up-portraits that I love doing, along with documenting the food, some details and the overall vibe of the life in the sky!