The Perfect Frame.

Oh. My. God.

I got a couple rolls of film back from my awesome lab and holy shit. Literally, holy shit. I know I say it again and again, but THE thing that fires me up the most about photography is film. It's raw, its real and many times it is the perfect little mistakes that make the most stunning images. It's also a process, which I love. There is no instant gratification, so it constantly teaches me to be patient with my art and passion. It reminds me to wait for the moment and think about what I am going to choose to use that valuable frame to capture.

Some people might argue, "Well Eliesa, you can be just as selective with digital photography." I argue no. It's a totally different medium of photography in my book. Is it better or worse than film? That is not the question. I don't think digital photography is better or worse than film photography, I simply think it is different.

I am obviously a big digital shooter and 90% of the work I do pump out is from my digital cameras, which argues another question, "If you love film so much, why don't you just shoot film?" The truth of the matter is, film is sacred to me. It holds a very special place in my heart and brings me back to my roots in photography and why I am a photographer. My film images are very personal to me, which is why I choose to save that for my personal projects/images and not for 'work'. Sometimes I bring my film cameras to weddings, because I feel inspired to, and I would love to shoot some film for an editorial spread sometime, because I think it is inspiring. However, for the most part, film is my escape in the busy world of photography that I LOVE to live in!

The image below is of Brandon and I am completely taken back by it! It speaks to me on so many different levels and it is absolutely perfect, in my opinion.


Does it speak to you? What are your thoughts?