May I Have Your Attention, Please...


This past week, while on the Bend [Trip], I had some time to think and discuss life, love and all it's possibilities with some wonderful women. Sometimes you don't realize something until you say it out loud. And I realized something BIG! I've felt frustrated with myself recently. As an artist, as a photographer and as a person. I couldn't figure out where or why I had these feelings, I mean, I have the best job in the world, right?

Then, I said it. I'm a people pleaser. I love to make people happy. And I know that my images make my client's dreams come true. However, the artist within me needs something more. I need to remember to make myself happy with my images to keep things fresh and creative. I need to make myself happy before I can continue to make others happy.

Thus, I have decided to take my blog back! I will continue to post images from weddings and all our other shenanigans,  but instead of posting images that I know my clients, magazine editors, etc will like, I am going to post the images that I personally LOVE!

"How many cares one loses when one decides not to be SOMETHING but to be SOMEONE."

~ Coco Chanel

Cheers to Happiness!


Special thanks to Laura for this fabulous photo!