Q and A with Eliesa!

Its about that time again! I've acquired MANY e-mails in the past month asking me about business questions, technical questions, etc - and so I've decided it's time for another Q and A on the bloggy!

Q: How do you choose/hire your employees and assistants?

A: I'm a HUGE believer that certain people come into your life for a reason! Every single person I have brought onto the Photogen Inc team has been a very natural transition. When I met Brandon, he had never shot a person in his life - I LOVED that and hired him immediately, because I didn't want to hire anyone who had a pre-conceived notion of 'what photography was suppose to be' - especially when it came to weddings!

For Cadence, I remember we were walking around the lakes last summer and talking about photography and her passion to pursue it more and I was like....DUH! Why don't you assist me? Why haven't we discovered this before?

With Liz, Brandon introduced me to her at an art gallery and after 5 minutes, I knew she would be a bigger part of the Photogen Inc team.

Every choice I have made with the company has been and easy and obvious answer - and the way I always want my business to be run!

Q: After meeting you and your team in Las Vegas, I couldn't help but notice your chemistry! How can I connect with my assistants like that?

A: Have FUN! There is obviously a certain level of expectation for my assistants and I expect them to go above and beyond that! I take my assistants very seriously! They are so talented and so amazing - and I realize their potential! I try to take the time to critique their work (though I should be better at this - it's one of my goals!), have yearly reviews and set goals! Overall though, we have amazing shooting chemistry because we have great relationships! It makes all the difference!

Q: Does Brandon have a girlfriend?


Q:Do you advertise?

A: Nope! I've been too busy to advertise! Sometimes the thought crosses my mind as to 'What if? How would that effect things?' But overall, I feel that by getting published (which is usually a monthly basis) is the best exposure I could ask for! People are seeing my true work, in many different ways and not just an advertisement. Not saying that I won't EVER advertise, but for now I like being the hidden gem!

Q: How do you get such correct exposures in direct sunlight?

A: Easy. Seriously! Many photographers are scared to bring their subjects into direct sunlight - and it definitely takes practice! There is no magic exposure, but go ahead and try test shooting! Remember to bring your ISO all the way down and your shutter speed all the way up! Also, remember to watch the shadows - the sun is like a big spot light!

Q: Can I come along to shadow you? Can you help me with pricing?

A: I can not even BEGIN to tell you all of the requests I have had for other photographers to shadow, observe and assist me! It's a little humbling, because I am not a technical shooter - and again I feel like I am invited into people's worlds and I just get to hang out, play and take photos everyday! We will be setting up a program for photographers who want to learn more from Photogen Inc in the future!

Hopefully this helps! Have a fabulous week everyone!