Film...and the new Mamiya!

I brought along my new Mamiya medium format film camera along on my adventures this last month! When I took the film in to get developed, I realized that I was soooooo excited to see what I had created! There is something VERY special about film - and the process of WAITING for your images! This was also the first time I used this camera, so it was a test to see how well it worked - and I am in LOVE with this camera! Seriously, it's so cool!

EJ25200-R3-E030.JPGEJ25200-R3-E029.JPG EJ25200-R3-E027.JPG EJ25200-R3-E021.JPG EJ25200-R3-E018.JPG EJ25200-R3-E017.JPG EJ25200-R2-E015.JPG EJ25200-R2-E014.JPG EJ25200-R2-E013.JPG EJ25200-R2-E010.JPG EJ25200-R2-E009.JPG

I'm obsessed with this image! This girl looked back at the PERFECT moment - I'm in LOVE!

EJ25200-R2-E008.JPG EJ25200-R2-E004.JPG EJ25200-R2-E002.JPG

Shoot film, it is so refreshing!