New Portfolios // Done and Done!

Woo hoo!!! Our FINAL portfolios came, hand delivered, by Aurora of Red Organic!! This is the final step in the branding process of ELIESA. It's been an amazing process, but the portfolios are better than I ever imagined! I am SO proud of them and even more excited to start pounding the pavement and putting them in front of potential clients!

Our next step will be making the actual prints for the books, compiling our list of Art Directors, Editors and Agents that we would like to work with and beginning to share our work with them! Then, the real work begins...the hard phone calls, meetings, leave behind campaigns, test shooting...

It's all a part of living the dream!!

A BIG thank you to Red Organic for bringing this brand to life - and hand making these gorgeous books!

The Perfect // Portfolio

Things are really gearing up here in the studio and I am SO excited about it!

It's been SO much fun to see all of these ideas and dreams that I've been planning and creating these last few years finally come to life! Much of it is thanks to the brilliant mind of Aurora and the two of us together are just a powerhouse of design fun! She has been SO amazing to work with and when it came time to start thinking about my portfolios, we started brainstorming.

I wanted my portfolios to be:







...and a little bit GLAM!

Aurora is not only a great designer, but she is crafty as hell, too, so we put together these custom portfolios! They are made with birch wood and are etched in with my signature and info on the back! We then hand painted and finished them with a glossy finish...and they are PERFECT! I absolutely love everything about them! The look, the feel and the integration with my business cards and branding is flawless!

Another major factor in designing the perfect portfolio was functionality. These are books that will be making the rounds with various Editors, Art Directors and Art Buyers around the country, so they have to be sturdy, have a 'cool' factor, but also be easy to change up the images inside the book! With this next step, I will constantly need to be in front of these people, so I need to be switching out images and showing them new work! We just received the 2nd prototype and IT. LOOKS. KILLER!!!

Call me a nerd, but just the look and feel of it is absolutely perfect and it makes me hungry to shoot more test shoots, so I can send these out as soon as possible! I can't WAIT to put these books in front of people and I know I will be proud to do so!

Below are some images of the first and second prototypes of the portfolios!