The Traveling Photo Booth

Our life through an Instax!

There has been SO much happening lately! My team has been on the road a lot and all along the way, we've shot TONS of film! I'll share more of that with you when the film rolls come in, but for now, here are a bunch of fun images from our Instax camera!

The instax camera is like crack for me! It's been a really awesome tool for me to document my life this past year.....I have a bit of a personal project going on with it, which will simply need some time to shape.

In this post, some awesome people make appearances:

Tara LaTour's amazing dresses The OH-SO-AWESOME Sara Montour Mr. Daniel Chin Insta-Friend Dan Miles, who inspires me now on a daily basis B-Funk Melissa O! The Cornjadi's and their epic wedding - congratulations you two! The Traveling Photo Booth's awesome booth

polblg0001.JPG polblg0002.JPG polblg0003.JPG polblg0004.JPG polblg0005.JPG polblg0006.JPG polblg0007.JPG polblg0008.JPG polblg0009.JPG polblg0010.JPG

Yeah for living the dream!

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