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Tara LaTour // Juxtapose // 2014 Collection

Every year, I am so grateful to be invited back to photograph the newest collection by bridal designer Tara LaTour. Tara and I have a beautiful working relationship and friendship, and I remember last year when we were at Bridal Market, she was already planning this year's designs. For this past year, she stuck to her vision and her 2014 collection has stayed true to her brand's roots, while pushing the limits in the details. The dresses have elements of fringe, separate pieces, and cropped tops, which is something I just adore for the world of Bridal. A few of her dresses, in my opinion, are also red-carpet-worthy. As usual, Tara included her classic ombre and color dyes to the line. On a personal note, I am totally and completely honored to have a dress named after me!!! This is one of those moments in life where I am completely humbled that she felt a dress was inspired by my personality. That is truly amazing.

For this year's look book, we went into the studio for a more editorial and monotone look to the images. Amber Rose gave her talent to the hair and makeup - and even went so far as to give our model hombre hair, which I absolutely love and think it fits the Tara LaTour brand absolutely perfectly. Each year, Tara and her team put their heart and soul into creating this work, and it is such a wonderful thing to be a part of. I am currently sitting in NYC in the midst of Bridal Fashion Week, where Tara is debuting this collection. I felt it was the most fitting time to share it all with you as well!


TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0002 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0003 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0004 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0005 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0006 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0007 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0008 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0009 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0010 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0011 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0012 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0013

Of course, a shoot like this would not be complete without some fun behind-the-scene images! Thank you so much to our entire team for all of your amazing work!


TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0014 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0015 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0016 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0017 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0018 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0019 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0020 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0021 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0022 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0023 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0024 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0025 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0026 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0027 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0028 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0029 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0030 TaraLaTour_Juxtapose_0031


Tara LaTour + Eliesa Johnson = The Shit!!!

I am soooooo excited to share these images with you! Like, little kid-jumping-up-and-down excited! A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a girl named Tara. In that letter, she asked me to photograph her final Collection for her graduate program at Parsons (yes, like project runway Parsons...only real students are even more bad-ass!) The hitch was that she was in NYC, I was in MPLS and her deadline was in a week and a half. She sent me a link with some cell-phone-shots of her dresses and my jaw dropped. I knew that I needed to do absolutely everything I could to photograph this amazing pieces of art! The universe came together for us and it just so happened I was going to be in NYC that coming weekend, so we started planning our last-minute shoot!

The best part about my job is this sense of collaboration I get from working with other artists. It's amazing to just create with other amazing people who also have a vision. Tara really gave me free reign at the shoot and everything just simply fell into place! Before the day was done, I knew I wanted these images to be shared with the world and be published . 1) I wanted people to find/know/experience Tara and her beautiful collection. 2) I think these images are fucking amazing and I am way too excited about the whole project to NOT share this with you!

Through our conversations, I really began to respect Tara even more. She is on a mission to 'Revolutionize' the wedding industry and I absolutely believe she will do this!

A special THANK YOU to the Wedding Chicks for publishing this spread on their blog and sharing this with the world! Check out their review + Post HERE! (And we would love to hear your comments on the spread + designs overall!)

latourwc0001.JPG tlatour1.jpg tlatour2.jpg

Here's a look at all of our original spreads! Please head over to the Wedding Chicks blog to see more photos + behind-the-scenes sketches from Ms. LaTour!

latourwc0002.JPG latourwc0003.JPG latourwc0004.JPG latourwc0005.JPG latourwc0006.JPG latourwc0007.JPG

Here's to being remarkable!

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