RAD Studios Inc


Oh, this is just TOO FUNNY to not blog about! My good friends, Ral and Danelle of RAD Studios up in Canada are doing this super cool thing on their blog where they blog about their favorite things! Well, apparently I am one of them! Woo Hooo! They wrote the nicest thing about me!
"We are already blown away with fantastic photographers here in Vancouver, but being able to travel for our photography we have met other artists of our craft around the world. There is one particular photographer we have become great friends with...Eliesa of Photogen-inc.
We first met her in Vegas at WPPI last year and we instantly hit it off. Eliesa has THE best energy, personality and charisma. She is fn to hang around with and time just passes by. She has made a couple of trips to Vancouver and in that time, we have had some giant sushi, great crepe's, super duper brunch, and a super deluxe photoshoot with one of our couples.
This was a great year for her as well! She has a brand new studio, has smokin hot images, fantasmicly new blog, and winning blu domain girl of the year!
We can't wait to see you again!
Eliesa - you're on FIRE!
xo - Danelle"   
 They are such a great couple who has been super supportive with Photogen Inc - a girl couldn't ask for better friends! They also just launched a HAUT NEW portrait site...


 Hahahahahaha! I seriously want to know who drew this...oh shit, that's funny!