MN Photostars

MN Photostars!!

MN Photostars!!!! What is this, you say? It's a little group I put together back-in-the day with the uber-awesome Sara Montour, who has since moved to Seattle! Our vision was to create an environment for the raddest photographers from Minnesota to just get together, have fun, grab a beer and chill! We hosted a few of these, but since Sara moved, I kind of put it on the back burner until Stephany lit a fire under me one day and said, "Hey! We should still do this!" Hence, a new generation of the Photostars is born and I am thrilled to say that we had THE best turn out EVER at Photogen Inc Studios! These events are an open invitation to any and all photographers in the area. Experience level doesn't matter, your niche in the industry doesn't matter - all that matters is that you BRING the FUN!

I have this vision of putting MPLS - or the Midwest for that matter - on the map in the photo industry and let me tell you, we have some KILLER talent in this town!

We also have some killer looks...obviously!


Thank you SO much to everyone who came out to the event! I foresee many of these in our future!

To view all of the photo booth images, click here!


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