Lauren Clark Photography

Bend [Trip] Update!

Words can not express how lucky I feel. And for so many reasons.

This trip has been SO much fun, but more importantly, I feel like I have walked away with some true friends for life. I know, I know, I'm getting all sappy on you, but seriously. I have had a blast with these women. Whether we are going on adventures, taking crazy photos, or having deep conversations, we have been having the best week ever.

I feel refreshed. Not necessarily in a photography/art/business sense, but in life in general.

Sometimes when you run your own business, you can feel burned out. I currently feel ready to take on the world!

Make sure to check out our fabulously hilarious adventures!!!

And a THANK YOU to Lauren Clark for these first 2 photos!

e2.jpge1.jpg bendhorse0020.JPG