La Isla Mujeres

De Colores!

Mexico was amazing! I'm still in denial that I'm back in cold Minnesota! While down in paradise, Brandon and I took the opportunity for a little shoot around the island!


0001Mexurban.jpg 0002Mexurban.jpg 0003Mexurban.jpg 0004Mexurban.jpg 0005Mexurban.jpg 0006Mexurban.jpg 0007Mexurban.jpg 0008Mexurban.jpg 0009Mexurban.jpg 0010Mexurban.jpg 0011Mexurban.jpg 0012Mexurban.jpg 0013Mexurban.jpg 0014Mexurban.jpg 0015Mexurban.jpg 0016Mexurban.jpg 0017Mexurban.jpg 0018Mexurban.jpg 0019Mexurban.jpg 0020Mexurban.jpg 0021Mexurban.jpg

The people on this island were amazing as well! As amazing as the colors are there, good ole black-and-white just fit these images the best!

 0022Mexurban.jpg 0023Mexurban.jpg 0024Mexurban.jpg 0025Mexurban.jpg 0026Mexurban.jpg 0027Mexurban.jpg

Self Portrait?

 0028Mexurban.jpg 0029Mexurban.jpg