Fast Track Photographer


Photographers!!!!! There is a GREAT new resource out there for you from Dane Sanders! Dane has had a HUUUGE year! First, he published his book Fast Track Photographers, which I have read, loved and HIGHLY recommend any photographer to read - especially those photographers who are young in their career or are just starting to think about taking their dreams to the next level and starting their own business! I also encourage all established photographers to read the book, because it hits home on quite a few issues that are important for us all to remember when running our business! Secondly, Dane has just launched ASKDANE.COM, which is a great website he started where he will have videos and podcasts and free coaching sessions to help you with your business! I am totally pumped about what Dane is doing, becuase he is helping our industry in a positive way (and the dude is quite hilarious!)  CHECK IT OUT!