Eliesa Johnson Galleri Exhibit



A couple of months ago, I was approached by Norway House and asked to be the next artist for their Galleri exhibit. The organization had been following our work and took note that I had traveled to Norway not so long ago. They also had admired the work in general that we have been doing - all of the food photography, especially. So, together we curated an exhibit that focuses on showing a more modern Norway. 

The entire process of putting this show together was awesome for me. It challenged me artistically in ways that I haven't been in a while. Almost all of these images were moments that were captured, not intending to be in an exhibit together. However, I love that an overall body of work - filled with personal experiences, family history and stylized food shots - all came together to make one rad photo exhibit. 

The Galleri show at Norway House is now open to the public and will run through May 1 -- I hope you all get a chance to stop by! We also have put together an exclusive print shop on our website, with 25 of our favorite images from the show. (See below)