Colin Steers


WOW! What can I say? February has proven to be a WHIRLWIND of AWESOMENESS for me!!! I couldn't think of a better way to top off this month than Fashion Fight Night 3!!!

The event took place at the Uppercut Boxing Gym and was put on by Metro Magazine!Our team assembled at 8 am (and we didn't go on until 10pm!) to begin running through hair, makeup, styles and test shoots!!!

First off - a HUGE and ENORMOUS Thank-You to my team! Brandon, Micah, Gabi, Trevor, Christian and Colin - THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! You all brought so much creativity and passion to this event, I couldn't have done it without you all!

The clothes we used for FFN3 were sponsored by Humble Fashion and Belle Reve Boutique!

 We BROUGHT the competition and ROCKED the event - and WON!

Colin joined our team last minute (literally the morning of!) and I am SOOOO happy he did! He absolutely brought the energy we needed and was amazing to work with - and the perfect addition to complete my DREAM TEAM!

Also, for all of you reality-show-lovers, Colin will be making his debut THIS TUESDAY on Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel!!! CHECK HIM OUT!
Here are some behind-the-scenes images from our prep!
 0003FFN3finals.jpg 0004FFN3finals.jpg 0005FFN3finals.jpg 0006FFN3finals.jpg 0007FFN3finals.jpg 0008FFN3finals.jpg 0009FFN3finals.jpg 0010FFN3finals.jpg 0011FFN3finals.jpg 0012FFN3finals.jpg 0013FFN3finals.jpg 0014FFN3finals.jpg 0015FFN3finals.jpg 0016FFN3finals.jpg 0017FFN3finals.jpg
The place was SOLD OUT with 800 attendees!!!
My awesome friend Olivia took these photos of our team in action!!!
 0019FFN3finals.jpg 0020FFN3finals.jpg 0021FFN3finals.jpg 0022FFN3finals.jpg 0023FFN3finals.jpg 0024FFN3finals.jpg 0025FFN3finals.jpg 0026FFN3finals.jpg 0027FFN3finals.jpg 0028FFN3finals.jpg 0029FFN3finals.jpg
Round 1: Gangster - and YES - That is a TOMMY GUN!
 0030FFN3finals.jpg 0031FFN3finals.jpg 0032FFN3finals.jpg 0034FFN3finals.jpg 0036FFN3finals.jpg 0037FFN3finals.jpg 0038FFN3finals.jpg 0039FFN3finals.jpg
Round 2: SEX BOMB!
 0040FFN3finals.JPG 0041FFN3finals.JPG 0042FFN3finals.JPG 0043FFN3finals.JPG 0044FFN3finals.JPG 0045FFN3finals.JPG 0046FFN3finals.JPG 0047FFN3finals.JPG
Round 3: White Trash Wedding!
 0049FFN3finals.JPG 0050FFN3finals.JPG 0051FFN3finals.JPG 0052FFN3finals.JPG 0053FFN3finals.JPG 0055FFN3finals.JPG 0056FFN3finals.JPG 0057FFN3finals.JPG 0058FFN3finals.JPG 0059FFN3finals.JPG 0060FFN3finals.JPG 0061FFN3finals.JPG 0062FFN3finals.JPG
Thank you once again to all of the fans who came out to support Team Photogen Inc and I last night! The energy was AMAZING!!! We have some AWESOME footage from the event that should be up soon so those of you who didn't make it can experience it!