Trout // A Test Shoot

I've always believed that test shoots are incredibly important and a good reason to explore ideas and techniques that are in the back of my head. I teamed up with Iglika Petrova of the Sprig of Thyme blog for this shoot and I love how some of these images turned out!

The concept was incredibly simple and we wanted to focus around one key player, which ended up being trout. It's such a pretty fish and the goal with all of this was to create some really pretty images, that are a bit darker in nature, while working with a fresh ingredient. Our trout was sourced locally so it could be as fresh as possible and we also played around with smoked trout as well!

What I love about this shoot is that it was all photographed on my little coffee table in my little living room. Our only prep space was my kitchen and it really is all about the light and styling! It was great to create a little something outside of client constraints and I am super pleased. Check out the best images below + some behind the scenes!