MidNorth Mercantile // Winter 2012

Look books seem to be my jam lately, and I couldn't be happier about it! When it comes to my job, I love working on the 'big' picture. I have learned over the last couple of years that my passion really lies in telling stories and when it comes to working with start-up-companies or re-brands, I have the opportunity to help visually shape a brand. Now, with this comes great responsibility to convey the right message and also to inspire consumers to want to know more and be a part of the company. I love this challenge. I love wrapping my head around the company, its vision and creating work that reflects that! MidNorth Mercantile is a new menswear shop opening up it's first shop in Minneapolis in a few weeks! MidNorth was founded by 'Mustache Mike', who is a barber in town and also has a great passion for finding hidden vintage gems. You name it - clothes, bags, shoes, furniture - the man has curated a serious inventory of some amazing finds. MidNorth Mercantile will be a fusion of both of his worlds. Come in a get a great barber cut, along with spending some time shopping the racks of vintage finds. I've always loved what this company has in stock and when I saw the boys at Northern Grade this year, I decided that I simply had to photograph their fall collection. Thankfully, they believed in my vision just as much, and our shoot together was absolute magic! It was the perfectly overcast day, which allowed for a bit of an eery mood and some nice even light. I want to give a special thank you to our entire crew, who not only made this fun, but absolutely gorgeous. I love photographing menswear, enough said.