A Simple Portrait //

This is the perfect time of the year to test. It's the calm before the storm and an opportunity to add to your portfolio! Amber Brenke, who is one of my favorite hair and makeup artists in the city, helped me brainstorm the idea to do some simple, beautiful portraits of models. The whole concept was to document these ladies in a way that was true to themselves. We didn't want them to feel like they were modeling or playing a part, we simply wanted them to be themselves. Our inspiration was an Adele portrait that was just simple and stunning. A big thank you to all of our ladies from Ignite Models Inc. who took the time to come on into our little studio and be our subjects! Tasia, Jo, Cana and Molly were so lovely. Another big thank you goes out to Corey DeGuia, who has been testing himself and exploring video. I love the little behind-the-scene bit he put together for us!