Test Shoot // Marcellina

Remember back in the film-days, when you shot off a roll and didn't know at all how things would really turn out? Some of the best images came from those perfect mistakes, and it made you fall in love with photography. There was a mystery, a giant un-known that was challenging us. With digital, we have instant gratification...and many times that translates into judging out photographs far too quickly. Of course, there are major perks that digital photography has brought to us as well, but I miss the mystery. Last week, I tried to bring some of that back. I hadn't really picked up my camera in a couple of weeks and I was itching to shoot. Lucky for me, our fabulous hair and makeup artist, Amber Brenke, was feeling that same itch. We simply wanted to create. Sometimes a test shoot should not be over-thought, over planned or over styled. We literally picked a date, called up my intern, Marcie, and raided her closet for clothes. Then I called my friend Sara and borrowed her apartment for a couple of hours. We didn't have a plan or any direction when we showed up. We literally just sat and dreamed up some looks and some ideas. Our concept ended up being a little commercial, a little happy and very colorful. Personally, I approached the shoot as if I were taking Marcie's portrait for an editorial or campaign. After all, this is a real girl, her real clothes and real attitude. This is Marcie thru and thru. I'm really happy with these images and a few of them might just make it in my book! Here's to collaboration and the element of the unknown.