People fascinate me, that's one of the reason's that I'm a photographer and a big reason of why I love to shoot people. Many times, when I'm in public, I go into observation mode and sometimes that means approaching people and asking if they will model for me. Michele is one of those people that totally captivated me. I met her at a networking event and I instantly loved everything about her - her vibe, her style, her hair, her lipstick, and at the end of the night she gave me her business card and once I checked out her website, I knew she would be one of those 'perfect normal people' for me to photograph. Michele was gracious enough to let me into her home, dig through her closet and there was just SO much to work with, so I dreamed up a shoot and vua-la ! There's something so cool about meeting someone who naturally has great style that you connect with, and allowing yourself to create some work that is simply for play - and for your portfolio! Michele is an amazing designer, and it's been so fun to collaborate with her on this project - and yes, she did the killer design for this layout! Enjoy!


Photography: Eliesa Johnson

Talent: Michele Morales

Location: Personal Apartment

Design: Michele Morales