First off, let me start by saying that I am SO excited about this shoot! About a month ago, I separated my fashion portfolios between Fashion Editorial and Fashion Lifestyle, and I realized that I had WAY more editorial, in studio work than lifestyle imagery. So, in an effort to pump up the lifestyle side, I have been putting together a few tests to bulk up that side of my work! Dreaming up a concept is so much fun and this past winter, I was introduced to Hackwith Design House...and ever since then, I have wanted so badly to use their clothing in a shoot! Through the power of twitter, I was also introduced to Chris Chookiatsirichai, who is an amazing tribal jewelery artist! Overall, we had SUCH an amazing team that brought this vision to life!




Photography: Eliesa Johnson

Clothing: Hackwith Design House

Jewelry: Chris Chookiatsirichai

Talent: Whitney of Ignite Models, Abe (independent)

Hair: Micah Savage

Makeup: Dayo

Assistants: Liz Hardt, Josh Anderson