Oooh la la!

Ahhhhh, shit! I've been wanting to get some new photos of myself for a long while now, specifically for the blog and website! I think it's good to update your photos every few years and freshin' up things a little bit around here!

I started to think about who I would want to take these photos and the same girl kept coming to mind. She's incredibly talented - and a no bullshit kind of girl, which I absolutely love. Above all though, I knew I needed a photographer who's images would exude a feel that I wanted to be 'my image' for clients to see...Angelica Glass was the only woman for the job!

Getting these images done was SO much fun! I got all made up by the lovely Erica Flamm and all styled up as well! I always feel like blog images should be super fun as well - and why not go all out?

We shot yesterday in NYC and I am thrilled with the few images Angelica has posted already! If you want to be inspired, make sure to check out Angelica's blog!

agshoot0001.JPG agshoot0002.JPG agshoot0003.JPG agshoot0004.JPG agshoot0005.JPG agshoot0006.JPG

A HUUUUUUGE thank you to Angelica for the rockin' photos, they are perfect!


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